What is a Healthcare Advocate?

As a Health Care Advocate, we work with families to support aging parents. We do this by providing support, resources, education, and encouragement to aging adults. We are delighted when patients are thriving and doing things to stay healthy and safe.

We also help aging adults in making decisions about extra in-home care help or whether to move to a retirement setting; what to do if they get sick; how to avoid falls and resources for other problems they may have.

Advocacy For Health is located in the Sacramento, CA area. We work primarily in the Sacramento, Midtown,  Natomas, Davis, and the Woodland area.

While other Advocates may work in clinics, health maintenance organizations, public and private hospitals, as well as independently.  They represent patients and their families in all aspects of the health care process, from evaluating treatment options to ensuring the delivery of high-quality care, to billing and insurance processes.

Another goal of an Advocate is to educate patients about their treatment and care options, assist in health care decision making, and identify patient-centered solutions that are effective for both the patient and the health care organization.  In this capacity, the patient advocate serves as a problem solver and facilitator to ensure the most beneficial outcomes for all parties.

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