Services Provided

Healthcare/Patient Advocacy services are not covered by your health insurance.



The different kinds of services will be determined once I meet with you and we discuss your needs.  Everyone is different as well as everyone’s situation is different.

Do you want someone (besides your physician) to talk to about your medical issues? Would you like a healthcare advocate to take notes during doctor appointments so you can discuss the different options available?  Are you more comfortable paying a professional versus asking friends for favors?

You may have friends and/or adult children.  They have all offered to visit your doctor with you and take notes; so you won’t forget details of the physician’s report.  Would you prefer a healthcare advocate who is objective and will listen to your concerns about the different options for medical treatment? Having another person hear your thoughts about your decision can help decrease your doubts and confusion.

Perhaps you have an out of state parent who could benefit from some assistance.  A Healthcare Advocate can be very helpful when a client has no adult children, or their adult children live out of town.  I can help coordinate services and assistance.  I would work with your parent to help provide support during an illness, as well as ease your concerns by keeping you appraised of decisions and outcomes.

iStock_000016132496_FullAttend medical appointments with client or stay by their bedside in the hospital
  • I can provide a “second set of ears” to check understanding and support memory.
  • I can clarify providers’ instructions and explanations.
  • We can discuss information in understandable terms.
  • I can relay information to an individual designated by you.
  • At the hospital I can monitor your care and offer peace of mind to you and your family.
Help client understand more about their medical condition and treatment options recommended by the provider
  • Assure that the client understands everything the provider has said
  • In addition to the provider’s suggestions, generate options with the client
Help client navigate the health care maze
  • Relieve feelings of frustration and/or bewilderment
  • Facilitate client’s ability to get necessary treatment
  • Coordinate medical care between various providers/facilities
Communicate and coordinate to streamline care
  • Make sure the “right hand” knows what the “left hand” is doing.  Coordinate multiple specialists if needed.
Help client make difficult medical decisions
  • Assure clients know what their rights are and all their rights are fully respected
  • Assure all options are being considered and the client is not rushed into making hasty decisions.
Preparation for medical appointments
  • Be sure client has written the questions they have for the provider so they don’t forget
  • Assist clients in  prioritizing their most important questions
  • Help client in keeping a record of symptoms and effectiveness of treatments
  • Make sure medical appointments address client’s concerns
Health coaching – assist, encourage and support a client’s health goals
  • So the client feels inspired, committed, and validated for following through on healthier behaviors
  • Provide structure,  support and accountability which tends to increase success rates




Assist client in following up with medically prescribed management program
  • Coach  client in following the prescriber’s protocol
  • Work to minimize overuse of pain medications
  • Support client education related to their own role in healing

Advocacy for Health offers a variety of services, each of them having benefits for different clients.  During the assessment I will discuss what you want the end result to be, as well as other information pertinent to help form a plan of action.

I will write a proposal of work by sorting out what you need. This includes the length of time each service will take and other resources which might be needed to complete your goals.  I will review these services with you, along with a definitive price for doing the work.  When an agreement is reached a contract for services can be signed and our work begins.

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