Services Provided

*Healthcare/Patient Advocacy services are not covered by your health insurance.*

Advocacy For Health is here to help with many services, including the development and coordination of a care plan for aging adults and those with disabilities. A plan will help target concerns including isolation, injuries, medication, home maintenance, and safety. Their home will be evaluated for safety hazards and provide recommendations and solutions when needed.

When there are family members involved with our client we want to work together with them. We will stand in for family members who are on vacation or live out of town, or who just need a senior care expert to discuss problems to be solved.

Doctor’s appointments: If needed the Advocate will attend the doctor’s appointment with the client, including being a “second set of ears” to check their understanding of any new diagnosis, clarify the providers’ instructions and explanations and support their memory. If agreed we will relay any important information of the client’s to their designated individual. Before the medical appointment, we will help prepare a list of questions for the provider, prioritizing the most important ones and make sure during the appointment all client’s concerns are addressed.

Hospital visits: An Advocate can help to fill in and cover important times to be with the client when in the hospital. She can also help educate family members on how to stay safe while in the patient’s room, and important areas to keep clean. She can also coordinate multiple specialists if needed.

Communication and Family Issues: Each family’s situation is different, but issues often addressed include:

· Facilitation of family communication and the establishment of family members’ roles and responsibilities.

· Including the voice of the senior, allowing them to be involved and feeling secure

· Planning and anticipating issues before a crisis develops

· Finding the best solution for unexpected medical problems, whether it’s in-home care or offsite respite care

· Driving and transportation solutions

· Finances and bill paying

· Consult and advise on an Advanced Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney and a Living Will to be reviewed by a legal expert

· Help the client’s family come to terms with health-related decisions that have been made

· Support client’s increased involvement in their end-of-life-decision making

· Other needs can be added as we discuss the Care Plan

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