Additional Services

Help client file and manage health insurance claims to decrease stress, fears and frustrations as much as possible
  • Make sure client is not being over-charged
  • Ensure that only services used were billed  and  discrepancies are addressed by a medical billing specialist
Help client organize and maintain  paperwork and records
  • Create a medical record book – including client’s medical history
  • Assist clients in obtaining medical records
  • Make sure items don’t get lost, such as income tax purposes, etc.

iStock_000042835246_FullHelp client’s family come to terms with health-related decisions that have been  made by the client

  • So that family disagreements don’t compromise the care the client wants
  • Decrease client stress by having family members be clear about healthcare decisions

Provide resources for hospice and palliative care services:
  • Ensure the client understands the different options
  • Support client’s increased involvement in their end-of-life-decision making
Locate other resources when needed:
  • Eases the burden of family members who are new to researching health care resources by hiring a professional patient advocate
  • Having someone who is knowledgeable about the health care process
Provide assisted living and nursing home resources &  recommendations: 
  • Up to date resources
  • Match client’s needs to facilities and services offered
  • Decrease frustration and time-consuming efforts of researching living situations
Discuss and support completing healthcare proxy and advance directive forms:
  • Going through the discussion eases people into talking about end of life matters
  • Make sure critical end-of-life decisions are made thoughtfully and in advance of crisis
  •  Once written up- allows family and friends to know client’s decision
Assist client in finding legal assistance, when necessary, after a medical error, if applicable:
  • Help ensure client’s rights aren’t violated
  • Make sure clients are treated fairly
Facilitate conflict management between health insurance companies, providers, family and friends, etc.:
  • Achievement of healthcare goals is accomplished through smoother relationships
  • Decreases stress which could impair client’s health
  • Empowers client to be in charge of their own decision making process
  • Increases the chance that others will support the client’s decisions