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It’s time you stepped back into one of your favorite past times…..spending time with your parent(s) during their “golden years”…..doing things they love to do.

My mission is to assist adults in making life-changing decisions, ensuring they receive care with dignity, compassion, and respect.

I know what it’s like to feel like I have to solve everything myself.

When I was 40 years old and single, my son Aaron and only child, then almost 20, had been working on a horse-breeding ranch and was kicked in his stomach by a horse.   After they had performed four surgeries and tried to clean out the infection, I remember sitting alone in the ICU’s waiting room for permission to be with him – not wanting to bother anyone to come to offer me support.

After all those surgeries, and his fight for his life, my son, my only child, died.

I know what it’s like to face difficult situations alone and I also know what it’s like to want to help your loved one when they’re at their most vulnerable and feeling helpless to do so.

Which is why I feel such a deep sense of satisfaction advocating for my client’s healthcare needs. I know how important it is to have someone in your corner supporting you when you can no longer do it yourself.

I’m here to help your parent receive the level of care they deserve and to give you the peace of mind to get back to the important things……..like spending quality time with them.

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  • BS (Bachelor of Science) in Sociology –
    University of Oregon
  • MSW (Masters in Social Work) – Portland State
  • Certificate of Patient Advocacy – UCLA
Social Work Services:
  • University of Oregon Health Science Hospital – social work services in the OB-Gyn unit.
  • Childrens’ Services Division – State of Oregon
  • Project Director and Community Worker – for Friendly House, Inc., Portland, OR
  • Willamette Falls Home Care and Hospice – Social Worker/Hospice Coordinator and Counselor.  Provided counseling,  bereavement resources and coordinated follow-up services for families.
Consultant and Private Practice:

Conducted needs assessments with follow-up training as was found appropriate, developed course materials and conducted seminars and courses.

Former clients include:

Freightliner, Kaiser-Permanente, Morgan Manufacturing, Inc., Portland Community College and Portland State University

Bereavement Counselor and Speaker:

Uniservice Corporation, a consortium of 22 funeral homes in Oregon and Washington State.  Trained funeral directors in communication skills, phoned and visited clients after a sudden tragic loss.  Made presentations on the subject of grief for all losses to a variety of audiences, such as public schools, church groups, and professional organizations.

Private Practice – Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) – Portland, OR:

I worked with adults individually; as well as, couples and in groups. I specialized in conflict resolution (skills to deepen relationships), and with grief and loss.

Also, because of my years of experience working with people with a variety of losses, ie. loss of health and ability to do what they love, as well as death losses……I have a greater appreciation of what clients are experiencing.


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Author of two booklets:

Co-author of Parting is Not Goodbye

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